Chile Student Protests Links, Background and Images–El Cacerolazo

If you’re lost as to what’s going on in Chile, I’m going to be writing a post for New APPS soon, but in the meantime, I’m posting useful links as I find them (updating periodically). The idea here is to provide a wide range of news sources to expose the range of responses in Chile. Links are not endorsements:

The Ministry of Education’s official site, which is currently down thanks to Anonymous. If you visit the site, you’ll find a hilarious cardboard .jpg version of it which Mineduc put up in the meantime. (After all, all you need for a Ministry of Education is a photo of what looks like, but isn’t, a functional site!)

@anonops has announced Operation #opchile for Saturday, Aug. 6, with targets including,,,, and You might want to check those periodically to see how they’re doing. As of this writing, is down.

Back in the day

Overview of the 2006 student protests (Revolución de los pingüinos), involving penguin costumes, that gave rise to their “penguin” moniker which you might encounter in the course of reading up on this. [Wikipedia]

  • The “Thriller” zombie-protest the students put on back in June 2011:
  • Footage of June 16 protest in Chillán–around 4500 people (via portalnet):

August 4

Slideshows of the student protests on August 4 are available from La Cuarta here and here. A slideshow of the Plaza Italia encounters between carabineros and students on August 4 are here and here.

An English-language article (in the Santiago Times) on why the law requiring “permits” for marches is unconstitutional is here.

Minister Hinzpeter on why he won’t authorize more marches: “The time for marches, in our judgment, has run out.”

A beautifully written satire by a medical student on the University of Chile anatomizing the very particular character of Chilean impatience and pragmatism (that explains the cultural underpinnings of Hinzpeter’s “the time for marches has run out”—a pronouncement that has nothing to do with principles or issues). It’s here (in Spanish–El Mostrador).

An article on the new proposal by the new Minister of Education, Felipe Bulnes, with full copies of Joaquin Lavin’s G.A.N.E. plan and the new version at the bottom (The Clinic).

An explanation of why those government proposals fall short of what the students want is here.

A brief explanation of the privatization of education in Chile is here.

Here is a video of the students confronting a TVN journalist about the one-sidedness of news coverage of the protests. They object that a few vandals are getting all the coverage, and no one is actually talking to or interviewing the students. It’s a fascinating exchange (Spanish):


Here you’ll find footage of tear gas and “guanacos” clearing out public park–watch at the end when they direct a huge stream of teargas at a lone person walking on the sidewalk.

A truly Kafkaesque video wherein students outside the Metro explain to a reporter that they’re being turned away from the subway. Explanation offered: it has “collapsed.” Even as subway officials allow commuters who aren’t dressed in student uniforms through. (Obviously an effort to keep students from marching—by keeping ALL STUDENTS off the subway.)

Coverage of the “cacerolazos” on August 5 (emol).

President of the RN  Carlos Larraín’s declaration that “his hand will not be forced by a crew of useless subversives” (La Nacion).

Subsecretary Ubillo’s condemnation of the violence in the Plaza Italia, declaration that the Cacerolazo (pot-banging) protests are understandable (La Nacion).

Assessments of the damage to public property as a result of the protests: La Tercera. A slideshow of the damage at is here.

Video of Jaime Gajardo, the President of the “Colegio de Profesores” announcing a new strike for Tuesday, August 9.

Hinzpeter’s response after the students rejected his warmed-over version of Lavin’s G.A.N.E. plan (La Segunda).

Here is the AnonOps video on #opchile:



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