Thoughts on the Minority of Singelty

Dearest Millicent,

I just shared a short conversation with a friend dismayed at the single world.  He knows that the world if full of interesting women he could date, and yet he can’t find any of them.  He is thinking of leaning towards the internet for assistance. He hates the thought of dating because of the germs involved, and that there is no woman out there that will fit his bill (he is looking for a lady without a tattoo).

Do you think we have gotten to an age where singlehood, instead of being universal, is now the land of connecting loose ends (I know this single person and that single person, so therefore, they will meet and not be single)?  I don’t mean this to sound callous, and I am as in shock as this friend and others who talk of the oddity of newfound singlehood; we are at the new, unteenaged age where single isn’t instant and universal.  We are too young for these maps of society, or at least, our generation need not fall into the Cathy comic strip complaints.  I keep thinking I need to dig up old episodes of Thirtysomething and learn how to navigate these waters.

Also, I was at a bar tonight where I had the funny experience of getting an actual eyeball from a young man, and then realizing the TV was over my head….leading to the strange doublecheck of “was that smile for me or for the team that just made a basket?”

Hope this finds you with a cup of nog,